A page of handwritten notes on lined, dirty refill paper. Headline: Slaughter Otters
A pencil illustration of an evil-looking otter.
Body text: Evil little tubes of hate. Yes, I know, my notes are usually more objective than this, but honestly that description seems fairly objective. I’m not just saying that because of the tooth-mark scars on my hindquarters.
They’re pretty much universally called slotters these days, a contraction of the older name, slaughter otters. The trading ship from Waiheke, the Otter Destruction, is named after them, an indication of how long it’s been in service.
Cosmopolitan coastal distribution, so far as we can tell. Somewhat more successful than pugranhas, possibly because of their amphibious habit. Nowhere is safe to swim.
Compared to their natural model, the physical resemblance is strong, I suspect because the basic critter organism is fairly close. Carnivorans always seem to come through well. The major difference is the behaviour. Slotters have armpit pouches and hunt in packs, but I’ve seen no evidence of sea otter behaviours such as keeping anvil stones or hand-holding between bonded individuals, nor of river otter behaviours such as den digging.
I suppose it’s not really surprising, given how they all turned into murderous hypercarnivores, but the more I studdy critters, the more obvious it is that their different shapes are all pretty much superficial. They all have the same personality underneath. I wish we had more records of their behaviour before the Turn, other than the ads of course.