A dirty and stained A4 sheet of paper, printed with purple images and text in a monospaced font. A logo including a sun, with an ocean wave cresting inside it, in a shape vaguely reminiscent of a tongue ringed by sharp teeth. A large headline reading Last Resort News Report with the tagline Where Else Would You Want To Go? and the date September 23rd, Year 2.
Body text, headline in all caps: Rest In Peace
As many of you have no doubt already heard, Sunday before last saw the death of Adam Eastmann, of Cabin 7, due to complications in childbirth.
Adam’s bravery and generous efforts as a husband to Ed and stepfather to Annie and Erica will not be forgotten, and nor will his fortitude in bringing young Adam into the world. If you see any chance to make things easier for the Eastmanns and Cabin 7, please do! A wet-nurse rotation is already working to keep our newest citizen fed, but we’re sure a hand will always be appreciated!
Headline in all caps: Planting Futures
Adam Jr. isn’t the only new life we need to care for, though! Spring is upon us, and that means planting time! We’re rotating one up for all plots, so make sure you plant the right crops, but we will also be trying something new: rows of beans in between the rows of other crops. This may help keep the soil healthy, making our rotations even more effective!
Don’t worry about a glut of canned beans this winter, though, because in the bean fields we’ll be trying out something new: soy beans! These were something we knew was out there, a staple crop of the Old World, but it was only last summer that Rob finally found a few sacks in the ruins of a farm supply store. We’ll be replacing two of our usual bean plots with soy, on an experimental basis, and drying the beans for an interesting change from our usual turnips and potatoes!
Headline in all caps: Check, Mate!
Finally, a new social group! Robbie the carpenter has been keeping his apprentices hard at work honing their skills with whatever wood was free, and we now have ten amazing hand-crafted chess sets! Robbie might have an ulterior motive in choice of project, though, because he was very keen to get the word out to the Resort that he’s holding weekly chess nights in the dining hall on thursdays! Tea will be brewing, and the winner gets bragging rights!