A handwritten letter on the back of a copy of the Report:

Robbie, Gemma, as much as I’d like to recommend a wood-fired steam engine for the job (since such a machine could be fed on its own scraps), after two weeks of research, I still haven’t found a design I think we meet the tolerances for, and with the pressures and temperatures involved, we can’t half-ass things. So I think we need to stick with an electrical engine with a crank to drive the saw. I did find reference to use of a device called a lathe for precision cutting – apparently it spins an object very quickly, allowing for precise shaping. A possible use for one of our engines in future?
Anyway, with these designs we don’t need the pit for sawing, and more importantly, no one IN it. I think the engine goes at the top, and the bottom just has a slide – synchronising two engines would be quite a job. Mount the whole saw on a slide and isolate it a little from the crank with a linkage or two so it’s not moving back and forth, just up and down. I’ll leave the rest of the details to you, as our experts on steel and wood!
Usually in the library if you need me for anything. Good luck with it! – Caleb