A handwritten letter, on the back of a copy of the Report:
To the general committee, regarding my new work assignments: While I of course understand the rationale behind these arrangements, and will comply to the best of my ability, I must issue a formal protest on record. As, so far as I know, the only person with any true scientific training in the resort, I am, I agree, the most natural candidate to fill the role of community medic. However, work assignments that take me away from my important role in cataloguing the world around us, in order to codify the knowledge needed to survive it, are not the best way to prepare me for such a role. I admit I have not performed many solo dissections, but I hardly see how butchering animals will prepare me for performing surgery on our citizens. Aiding Eli in his distillery is only a little more logical. Again, I will be meeting the obligations you have placed on me, I just want to establish that it is under protest, for reference in future such arguments, once it has been solidly established that serving as a butcher was an ill-advised use of my time and talents.
Yours, Caleb McCrae